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Businesses depend on efficient freight flow and timely deliveries, so many choose trusted third-party freight broker services like Compass Logistics to manage critical shipments and identify certified, dependable carriers. Whatever you need to send, we take the time to understand your needs, use our vast network of international carriers, and come up with a cost-effective freight management solution. Your company has a competitive advantage because to Logistics.

Key Features

Full Transparency

You get access to all the paperwork, rate pros, emails, and setup brokers at Compass Logistics. Also, our price is unambiguous. Each load costs $55 flat-rate price from us.

Experienced Dispatchers

Our committed dispatchers manage all the paperwork, correspondence, freight negotiations, and credit checks while assisting you in finding the highest-paying cargoes.

Preferred Lanes

We have excellent relationships with shippers, and they provide our drivers exclusive lanes so they can spend more time at home.

Services, We Offer

(FTL) Full Truck Load

Full Truck Load Transportation services form part of the core offerings at Compass Logistics, including end-to-end multimodal transportation with loading globally.

(LTL) Less Truck Load

At Compass Logistics, we provide top-notch LTL shipping services globally, giving you more flexibility when it comes to planning how you want to transport your goods.

Live Shipment Trucking

Compass Logistics’s live tracking solution enables you to see your supply chain in its entirety regardless of where and with whom your shipments are.

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Compass Logistics


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